What Kind of Pillow for Side and Stomach Sleepers?

What Kind of Pillow for Side and Stomach Sleepers

 Sleeping soundly for 8 hours at night is an absolute must for each and every individual. While sleeping, it is very crucial that your head, neck, shoulders, and backbone stay in perfect alignment so that you get up in the morning feeling thoroughly refreshed without any pain or strain.

An ordinary or standard pillow in most circumstances causes backache and muscle sprain, considering the fact that most of the individuals tend to sleep on their sides or on their stomachs.

The Pancake Pillow is a heavy duty and performance-oriented cushion that is equally suitable for the person who sleeps on his back, side or stomach.

This pillow comprises of 6 inner cushioned pads stacked upon one other and every single pad can be modified to suit your headrest height enabling you to sleep comfortably. Each pillow comes with a 3” gusset support for adjusting it with your shoulder.

 The Pancake Pillow is meant for which category or categories of sleepers?

The ergonomic design of the Pancake Pillow makes it supremely apt for stomach, back, and side sleepers. The USP of this six-tiered pillow set is that it is amenable for customizing with the specific sleeping needs of an individual. The 6 distinct pillows allow you to tuck one under your head, and another one in between the knees when you’re sleeping sideways.

Those who are prone to sleeping on their stomach need a pillow that is unusually soft and fluffy in order to minimize stress on the spinal cord, neck, and head. Filled with ultrasoft microfibers, the Pancake Pillow allows persons who are used to resting on their bellies enjoy a sound sleep on a regular basis.

The pillow case that envelopes the microfiber filling has been stitched out of 100% cotton fabric with a  thread count of 300 adds to the comfort level.

The Pancake Pillow is remarkably suitable for those who are used to sleeping on their backs as the same allows the head to rest stably instead of propping it up.

How to select a pillow for side and stomach sleepers?

If you happen to be a side sleeper preferring to relax on a compact mattress then you’ll need a pillow whose firmness corresponds with that of the mattress pad.

The cushions from Pancake Pillow are filled with the best grade of microfiber fabric that not only makes the headrests incredibly soft but also flexible enough to be bent as per one’s sleeping needs. The pillows have a gusset which is a form of bracket that helps in adjusting the pillow with the bursa of your shoulder.

Side sleepers usually need a couple of pillows where the extra or second pillow is tucked between the knees for transferring greater stability and support which ultimately offers more comfort. A side sleeper resting his or head on a Pancake Pillow sleeps comfortably because the pressure is distributed evenly throughout the body.

Sleeping on one’s stomach is not at all recommended by sleep therapists and doctors as resting in this position more often than not strains the backbone and the neck. An individual takes up this position when he has tried out all other stances but did not feel comfortable.

The Pancake Pillow comes handy when you relax on your abdomen as the softness and fluffiness of the cushion prevents straining of the spine or the neck. You are able to sink your head down effortlessly thereby reducing stress on the backside.

How efficient is the —side pillow?

Most brands of pillows that are available both offline and online do not offer the right level of support to your body that is extremely essential for resting or sleeping peacefully and comfortably.

You usually wake up with an excruciating pain in the nape or back in the morning when you rest your head or stomach on the ordinary pillows. Balancing your neck or head on such pillows becomes difficult as the structure of the cushions does not allow height adjustment.

  • The Pancake Pillow has been crafted with meticulous care and consists of six cushions that can be stacked upon one another so that you can get the height that is convenient for you.
  • You can do away with or add pillows so that you can achieve your desired comfort level.
  • The pillows have been packed with dense microfiber material for a smooth and luxuriant feeling while your rest on it sideways or sleep in a prone or supine position
  • Each and every case has zippered closures on three sides enabling you to easily access the pillows for adjusting the height at a convenient level
  • The materials used for making the pillows are hypoallergenic which keeps free from molds and microbes and at the same time is soft on your skin

What are the downsides?

Despite the fact that the Pancake Pillow is universally suitable for those who sleep on their sides or stomach, it is not without its downsides. The materials or fabrics from which the pillow has been created may not be appropriate for numerous individuals.

There will be people who may not like the fact that the pillows are too soft. The softness of the pillows might cause your head or neck to roll easily and may not furnish the required level of firmness. Following are some disadvantages of using this pillow brand

  • The pillow is very soft that may lead to your head sinking a little too deep
  • The fluffiness of the microfiber material might be sensitive to temperature changes or alterations in weather
  • Maintaining the tidiness and the texture of all the pillows could be a hassle

How to use Pancake Pillow for getting the best results?

If you wish to make the most of the 6 stackable Pancake Pillows, just follow the steps outlined below:-

  • Keep the pillows out in the air occasionally: You should take the pillows out of the cover once in a while and keep them out in the open in order to aerate them. Place the pillows (without the cover of course) on the bed or on the settee, dust them and then switch on the fan. Following this procedure will help in keeping the pillows dust-free as well as retain their freshness.
  • Wash the covers: Since the pillow cases have been stitched out of cotton fabric they’re washable. Rinse them in the washing machine or wash manually and let them dry up fully before reusing the same.
  • Use vinegar or a room freshener: The pillows may emanate an overpowering odor when these are new. In order to drive away the smell, hang a room freshener pack in your bedroom or place vinegar in a bowl.

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