Using the Memory Foam Firmness Pillow from Coop Home Goods

Using the Memory Foam Firmness Pillow from Coop Home Goods

The ‘Premium Adjustable Loft-Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow’ from Coop Home Goods is ideal for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers when it comes to sleeping soundly at night.

Those habituated to sleeping or relaxing on their sides, need a mattress that can furnish the extra support required for their necks so as to prevent causing undue stress to the head, shoulders, and the back.

This pillow by Coop Home Goods encased in a viscose rayon cover’ has been ergonomically designed and created enabling you to position your neck stably while you turn sideways. Stuffed with finely shredded premium grade memory foam, the pillow can be adjusted to adapt to your sleeping position, thereby letting you sleep comfortably.    

For whom is the Coop Home Goods firmness pillow meant

 The Coop Home Goods adjustable memory foam pillow has been designed meticulously keeping the relaxing needs of individuals who prefer to sleep on their sides, back or stomach.

For those either persons sleeping on their left or right sides, the distance between their heads and the pillow is more compared to those who’re used to relaxing on their stomachs or in a supine position.

To keep the spine and the head in alignment and to check untoward straining of the neck, a firm pillow needs to be used for reducing the gap between the mattress and the head.

The Coop Home Goods shredded memory foam pillow offers the required firmness for covering the gap between the bursa (the part of the shoulder that protrudes when you sleep sideways) and the head.

Those who feel comfortable sleeping on their stomach or back need a thin and flexible mattress and this pillow can be modified to furnish the optimum thinness and softness. One simply needs to take out some foam out of the pillow for adjusting its height as per his or her comfort level.

Coop Home Goods - PREMIUM Adjustable Loft - Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow with washable removable cover - 20 x 30 - Queen size

Tips for choosing firmness pillow

In case you’re someone who likes to sleep, take a nap or relax by positioning yourself sideways, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that nearly 70% of people prefer to sleep on their right or left sides.

Sleeping sideways cause far greater strain on the neck, head and backbone than relaxing on one’s back or stomach because more stability is required for maintaining the appropriate posture of the body. An ordinary pillow will not be able to offer the firmness or stability that a side sleeper needs.

Side sleepers will need to choose a pillow that can provide the right degree or level of firmness essential for keeping the body in a steady position and averting muscle strain.

The memory foam pillow by Coop Home Goods has been created from a proprietary blend of ‘shredded Visco elastic memory foam’ that makes it supremely adaptable for any sleeping position.

The memory foam can be removed or added for modifying the height as well as adjusting the firmness according to one’s convenience.

This pillow can be aligned as per one’s requirements thereby facilitating greater ventilation, which is essential for a sound sleep.

Effectiveness of Coop Home Goods firmness pillows

The shredded elastic memory foam pillow is a high-quality cushion that side, back, and stomach sleepers will find eminently comfortable.

This one hardwearing headrest allows you to keep your neck and shoulders in the right position for getting sound sleep all through the night. Following are some of the benefits that you can make the most of while you rest your head on this firmness pillow for side sleepers:-

  • The pillow is extremely plush and soft which makes it effective for furnishing the right degree of comfortableness to the head, neck, and shoulders
  • The memory foam inside the pillow is shredded which implies that you truss the cushion or take out some of the fluff for having the suitable level of firmness that you are comfortable with. In other words, you can bend the pillow and impart to it a shape that you find convenient simply by positioning the foam inside the pad.
  • The shredded core also promotes air circulation keeping you well- ventilated for the entire duration of your sleep. You stay calm and cool as long as you sleep or relax on this cushion.
  • The use of hypoallergenic materials means that the pillow is highly resistant to mites and ticks. At the same time, the materials are gentle on your skin and do not cause any allergic reaction.
  • The pillow cover has been stitched out of viscose rayon which in turn has been sourced from bamboo that only keeps it cool but also resists moisture deposition.
  • The pillow cover is machine washable

The downsides of using this firmness pillow

The premium Coop Home Goods adjustable loft memory foam pillow despite the numerous benefits it offers, may not appeal to all side sleepers.

The very materials that make the cushion comfortable as well as the firm may be comprised of chemicals that make them absorb heat.

On the other hand, many sleepers could be sensitive to the chemicals ingrained in the materials. Following are some downsides of this pillow produced out of ‘shredded Visco elastic memory foam’:-

  • The denseness of the foam could affect respiration

The memory foam material used for this product could interfere with breathability, especially when the fluff is pushed to one side for making the cushion firm

  • Firmness may change with temperature or climate

Memory foam is highly sensitive to changes in temperature as well as climate. So, a home that stays warm will keep the pillow soft and flexible while a residence that is usually cool will make the cushion unusually rigid

  • The inner packing of the foam pillow could trap VOCs

The interlock fabric of the inner casing traps the VOCs and chemicals inside the foam. The manufacturing technique used for making memory foam pillows introduces chemicals and VOCs because of off-gassing.  

  • Some people may be sensitive to the pungent smell of chemicals in memory foam

Ins and outs of using this firmness pillow

So that you can reap the benefits of using the Coop Home Goods memory foam pillow, you first need to drive out the overpowering odor. However, everybody may not be affected by the pungent smell. Abide by the step outlined below for getting rid of the smell:-

  • Keep the pillow out in the open often

Try to place the pillow out in the open under direct sunlight to drive out the smell. Alternatively, you can place upon the window sill and switch on the fan or AC.

  • Spread baking powder on the top

Spread some baking powder on the foam and let it remains for a couple of hours. Afterward, use a wardrobe brush to dusting the baking powder.

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