Soft Pillows for Side Sleeping

Soft Pillows for Side Sleeping

All animals big or small have a system on their body that lets them pass into a state of rest called sleep. In this state, all voluntary muscles are rendered inactive. Humans regularly need 8 to 9 hours of sleep, which is essential to their survival.

The exact purpose of sleep is not known till date even after extensive research in this sector of medical science for the last few decades. All that we know is that during the sleep cycles the body in a way, recharges its batteries and the brain also rejuvenates itself.

This is an informative article where we are going to discuss why soft pillows are essential for side sleeping.

Side sleeping is the position preferred by most as it reduces the chances of sleep apnea and snoring. This position is also beneficial to pregnant women as it provides support to the womb.

For sleeping on the side a special pillow should be used that comes with contours or curves on its surface and reinforced sides to retain the head of the user in its place. The features that should be present in a side sleeper’s pillow are discussed in detail below.


The shape of a pillow plays a crucial role in the functionality of the pillow. This feature varies from brand to brand and it is very much essential in ensuring a good night’s sleep.


How large the pillow is and does it cover the whole surface are of the sleeper’s face is the feature to look out for before finalizing a brand and its product. If the pillow is too small it will be uncomfortable as it will result in the face to hang out of the pillow during the sleeping hours.


A pillow should have the right size to weight ratio because a light pillow will tend to move around during the night this will result in strained neck due to sleeping in an awkward angle.

Filling material

The material used in manufacturing and filling of the pillow plays a vital role in the levels of comfort a pillow provides to the user. While sleeping on the side our nose tends to rest on the surface of the pillow, therefore if the material is releasing fumes or is reactive to the skin this may result in severe consequences.


A soft pillow is recommended to those sleeping on their sides as it results in keeping an alignment between the spine, head and neck preventing from unnecessary strain.


Why use side sleeper pillows?

While sleeping on one’s side the whole body is resting on the shoulders and arms, depending on which side you are sleeping on. This causes frequent cases of stiff neck and frozen shoulders.

Side sleeping pillows with its convenient contours and gusseted sides provide the support required for keeping the head of the user in its right place.

How does this pillow serve your needs?

The contour or the curve of the side sleeping pillow keeps the head and neck in a neutral position thereby reducing the strain on the spine.

What are the best side sleeping pillows?

The Side sleeping pillows with special curves called contours are recommended. They are available with different levels of firm and soft to suit your needs.

Keep this in mind a pillow that is much more on the softer side is highly recommended if you are a side sleeper. Examples of the same are Latex pillows, Memory foam side gusseted pillows.

Types of side sleeping pillows:

We are going to discuss three types of pillows that are best for side sleepers.

Buckwheat Pillows

The uniqueness of this type of pillow lies in its feature of height adjustability. This can be done by simply removing the desired amount of filling from the pillow by unzipping the zipper conveniently positioned on the sides.


  • Provides protection from neck pain
  • Air circulation is maximum


  • Noisy due to material used as filling
  • A bit on the heavier side.

Latex Pillow

Latex pillow offer exceptional support and has the best potential for pain relief. The best part is that they are made from naturally occurring latex.


  • Provides ample support and is very soft
  • Do not form lumps
  • Retains its shape no matter what


  • Too dense for some
  • Height is non adjustable

Memory foam contoured pillows

These pillows are very durable even though not made from natural material. Polyurethane is mixed with the memory foam thereby increasing the density. This type of pillow maintains the alignment among the head, neck and spine.


  • Very soft
  • Has the highest potential to relieve neck pain
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost efficient


  • Initial usage may be uncomfortable due to smells from synthetic materials.
  • It can get heated up due to absorption from body heat.


While choosing a pillow for side sleeping you should keep that in mind that the pillow should be soft. It is very important as a soft pillow lets you to snuggle. This is turn keeps an alignment between the head, neck and spine thereby relieving neck pain and sore back.

Based on the types discussed above, the following recommendations are chalked out for those who can opt for the different types of pillows according to their needs.

Buckwheat Pillows

These are recommended for those who want a break from neck pain. They are height adjustable and also provide good airflow.

Latex Pillows

These pillows are recommended to those who just love to snuggle in. they are less fussy as these pillows don’t tend to form lumps within itself.

Memory foam pillows

They are highly durable and comfortable, and recommended to those who are suffering from chronic spondylitis.

Therefore based on your requirements and budgets, you may browse the different types of pillows offered for each of the above types. Companies are offering both budget and premium quality pillows to meet the expectations of virtually every type of customer.

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