Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow Review

Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow Review

Who knew pillows can be super cool and innovative as well? Enter the side sleeper pillow by Serta. Manufactured by the industry leader and made with dedication to excellence, it is built with discrete pillow technology that modernizes your everyday average pillow while still maintaining the good old pillow façade that is the symbol of restful nights for people all over the world.

Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow


  • Gel memory foam core
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Features Cool Vent design
  • Alleviates pressure points
  • By Serta


The gel memory foam in the Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow is specially made for people who sleep on their sides. It has higher-than-average loft that allows it to properly support the head and neck.

What is special about its gel memory foam is that since it is made of a special gel core, it can distribute body heat so that the spot where you are lying does not get too hot, which will usually wake you up if you use a regular cotton or down pillow. The material and size not only promote proper spinal alignment, but also make sure that you remain comfortable, cool, and dry throughout the night.

The pillow cover that comes with this side sleeper pillow is removable and washable so that you can easily slip it off and sanitize it by putting it in the machine washer or washing it by hand with a good detergent. Try to consider hypoallergenic detergent without any scents so that it does not irritate you while you are asleep.

Sanitizing your pillow covers about once in a week is important for sanitary purposes as well as to keep allergies at bay. For added hygiene and protection, you may also place a pillowcase over the pillow with the pillow covers on for an extra layer of hygienic protection. This is especially important if you occasionally share or exchange pillows.

In addition to the memory foam gel that eliminates unwanted heat, the Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow is also designed with a nifty Cool Vent design that promotes better airflow so that you can sleep in comfortable coolness all night long.

This is especially important if you live in hot and humid areas where it might be hard to sleep whenever the nights are stuffy and uncomfortable. This is also hygienic because the coolness would mean that you will not have to sweat a lot while using this pillow. You will be as dry as possible and just as comfortable too.

Another cool feature of the gel memory foam of this pillow is that it can actually eliminate painful pressure points where you lie down. This ensures additional comfort that can keep you sleeping like a baby throughout the night.

Pressure points on the head and neck as well as on the face may cause discomfort and even pain to some people and may wake them up in the middle of the night because of a sore spot on their head or neck due to the clumping of their pillows on that one spot.

Luckily, the Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow adequately balances the weight and cradles the head gently. Therefore, you feel that your head is floating in gel. This eliminates the possibility of waking up due to a sore spot on the side of your face.

Since it is manufactured by Serta, you can rest assured that this pillow is of optimal quality and make. The company is a leader in the bedding manufacturing industry in the USA and is one of the most trusted brands of bedding manufacturers.

They have high standards when it comes to quality and they make sure that all of their products are in strict conformity with their set standards. The company also has a worldwide network so they can respond to any customer’s needs all over the globe.


While this pillow gives you ultimate loft that is essential for having the right support when it comes to sleeping on your side, the loft might be a bit too high for some people. Too much loft can actually be unhealthy and may crane your neck upwards at an awkward angle so you might wake up sore and hurt instead of well-rested and energized.


The Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow definitely has all the cool and innovative features that you can find in a pillow.

One great example is its gel memory foam core that gives out multiple benefits and functions such as temperature regulation, firmness support, and pressure point alleviation. The cool vent design is another innovative move that adds to the coolness of the memory foam, making this perhaps one of the coolest pillows to sleep on.

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