Review of Alveo Bamboo Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Side Gusseted and Back Sleeper Pillow

Review of Alveo Bamboo Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Side Gusseted and Back Sleeper Pillow

In this fast paced world, sleep is a much needed yet ignored necessity for leading a long and healthy life. Not all bedding products available in the market usually fulfill the customer needs.

However, when bought from reputed brands, customers can ensure that they are buying quality products that are meant to last for years.

The market has a number of brands offering enormous number of options. This makes it a lot difficult to select the best out of the whole lot.

Alveo Beddings, a comparatively new player in the bedding industry and has already created a name for themselves by offering a wide range of products that meets different requirements of the customers.

With memory foam as the basic component, which adjusts itself accordingly with the changing positions of your sleep, what makes this product truly stand out is the incorporation of bamboo fibers.

Now, why add bamboo fibers? Well the answer is simple. Bamboo is an antifungal, antibacterial, naturally temperature controlling material.

Since bamboo is a natural resource, it is environment friendly and loaded with health benefits. This Alveo Bamboo Hypoallergenic Memory Foam is ideal if you are a side sleeper or tend to change sleeping position more often.


The Alveo Bamboo Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Gusseted Side and Back Sleeper Pillow are more efficient than other similar products like feather, cotton fiber, or memory foam pillows. Some of the important features that make this product a great choice have been discussed below:

  • Aligns the head, neck and spine in complete symmetry, in all sleeping positions. On the contrary, memory foam tends to return back to its original shape, so you don’t have to worry about a flattened pillow after use.
  • Incorporating bamboo fiber with memory foam is not only a recipe for comfort, but also acts as a natural temperature controlling substance with added benefits of anti bacterial property and natural temperature control.
  • Comes with a protective cover, that is easily removable, and machine washable
  • The pillow is machine washable
  • Includes polyurethane foam that is good for your health
  • All four sides of the pillow are reinforced for maintaining the shape of the pillow and also to maintain the position of the head with respect to the neck and spine. Irrespective of the side you are sleeping on and the position you are in, the product will change its shape accordingly

Alveo Bamboo Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Gusseted Side and Back Sleeper Pillow with a Soft Removable Mesh Zipper Micro-Vented Washable Cover - (QUEEN SIZE)


Some advantages have been mentioned below

  • Memory foam filling added with Bamboo fiber which is naturally antibacterial and antiallergenic
  • Unmatched built quality at unbeatable price which is also aesthetically appealing
  • Comes with a machine washable micro mesh cover that acts as a protection against dust and damage
  • The pillow itself is machine washable
  • Bamboo fiber mixed with memory foam has antibacterial, antiallergenic and antifungal properties


A couple of disadvantages could be:

  • Initially mild odor comes from memory foam, which will gradually fade away with use
  • It can appear to be too firm for some people since two different materials are used as filling

How the product serves your needs?

Alveo Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Gusseted back and side sleeper pillow is a durable, healthy, and purpose serving product.

It’s all natural ingredient of bamboo fibers added with memory foam acts as an antifungal, antiallergenic and breathable material.

If you are suffering from neck and back pain, the gusseted sides help in keeping an alignment between the head neck and spine during your sleep. Often doctors would prescribe using such pillows that would help in offering the required support to the body while sleeping.

The pillow has a responsive micro-cushion surface that can retain the shape for a better head and neck alignment.

If you are suffering from body pain at different locations, this pillow acts as a pain reliever of several pressure points.

Additionally, the fact that it comes with a removable easy-care covers makes it easier for you to maintain. Being ideal for different sleeping positions, the pillow also features a soft and breathable side panel.

Moreover, these pillows are of standard queen size which contributes towards the aspect of portability. These can be easily carried to any place you might be travelling for a short or a long period.

Comparison with other similar products

In comparison to other similar products from established manufacturers, Alveo Bamboo Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Side Gusseted Back Pillow poses a strong competition.

There are definitely several other options that includes the likes of Coop Home Goods – PREMIUM Adjustable Loft and LoveHome Memory Foam Pillow Retain Shape Pillow With Ultra Comfort Softness Memory Foam.

Both these products are equally good but Alveo with its advanced features can give a real fight to them.

The incorporation of Bamboo fiber with the memory foam filling acts as a Unique Selling Point for this product. Bamboo fiber has antibacterial/antiallergenic property, where even after absorption of sweat fungi or bacteria does not accumulate.

Most of the aforementioned properties, features and Unique Selling Points of the product are lacking in the competitors such as the Luma Life Luxe Special Edition pillow and the Coop Home Goods, if not completely absent. Also, the product is competitively priced in the lower ranges of the $20 to 30.

This is another area where the product out beats the above products and similar options available in the market.


To conclude, it can be stated that this is a good product that offers the comfort it promises. The gusseted back and side sleeper bamboo memory foam pillow is an ergonomically designed product.

The bamboo fiber cover really does keep your head cool and is temperature controlled. With its competitive pricing, and machine washable feature, if you need an easy to maintain, good value for money, antibacterial/antiallergenic pillow, then this product is a steal!

Keeping all other things in mind, it is essential that you take very good care of these pillows to ensure they last for several years. With basic care and regular cleaning, these Alveo Bamboo Hypoallergenic Memory Foam pillows can look great for years.

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