How to Choose the Right Pillow for Side Sleepers?

How to Choose the Right Pillow for Side Sleepers

The choice of pillows is more important than what most people realize. Pillows can affect the quality of sleep that you enjoy at night. They can also impact the health of our rest and the ability of our body to recharge.

Choosing a wrong pillow can lead to several health issues. It can worsen neck pain, headaches, cause numbness in the arms and shoulder and even sneezing and wheezing.

While pillows are not the cause of these issues, they definitely exacerbate them and make it harder to recover. This leads many to wonder how to choose the right pillow for side sleepers.

How to Choose the Right Pillow for Side Sleepers

Sleeping on the side is a popular position and it has its own set of benefits. Those who prefer this position need a pillow that can provide the right level of support at the right areas. Typically, side sleepers will need a pillow that is fuller and firmer than what those who sleep on their back or stomach need.

This is essential since there will be more space between the bed and the head that must be filled up. Pillows that are soft or thin will not be adequate at all for sleeping on the side. These pillows will cause the head to be position much too low, increasing the possibilities of neck pain and stiffness.

A good pillow for a side sleeper will have the following features.

  • It should provide complete support for the entire duration of the night. The pillow should not collapse due to the weight of the head. Otherwise, it will create a bend in the neck, leading to different problems.
  • It should provide enough height to ensure that the spine remains straight. However, it should not be too high so as to cause the neck to bend upwards.
  • Finally, the pillow chosen should be comfortable.

What to Consider When Buying Side Sleeper Pillows?

There are quite a few things which must be considered when buying side sleeper pillows. The following points provide an illustration.

The Material

There can be several different kinds of materials used for making a side sleeper pillow. Some of the common options include beads, water, foam, gel, standard cotton or even buckwheat hulls.

While all of them are good options, they might not the most suitable choices for you. You choice of material will be dependent on how much softness you want the pillow to have. After all, you will not want your neck to be misaligned while sleeping. Generally, side sleeper pillows work best with thicker materials.

Moldable vs Formed

The choice between the two is a matter of personal preference to an extent. Some people like pillows which maintain their shape during the night irrespective of their movements. These are the formed pillows.

There are also those who like pillows that can be twisted or adjusted to fit the movements of the body during the night. These are the moldable pillows.

If you like to sleep with your arm under the pillow, you need a moldable pillow. A formed pillow such as one made with solid memory foam will make it harder for you to move around. If you tend to remain fixed to one particular position, you may find a formed pillow to be more to your liking.

The Reputation of the Manufacturer

Often overlooked in favor of other aspects, the reputation of the manufacturer is incredibly important. This is mainly due to the guarantee or warranty offered by the manufacturer. Any good pillow should be offered with a guarantee. A guarantee shows that the manufacturer is willing to stand by the quality of its products.

Reputable companies are more likely to listen to your complaints as well. Moreover, they will be taking steps to ensure that their products are of a good quality. The pillows you get from them are less likely to suffer from issues such as flattening out

The User of the Pillow

Ultimately, the user of the pillow will be the one determining whether it is suitable or not. If you are buying the pillow for yourself, the choice is easy. Things become difficult when you are buying multiple pillows for everyone in your home. In such cases, it is always the better idea to purchase adjustable pillows.

After all, your family members and guests will have their own idea as to what makes a comfortable pillow. Adjustable pillows give them the freedom to do so. Some good options that you can check out include the water filled pillows and the buckwheat pillows.

Special Considerations

There are some people who need a different kind of support when it comes to pillows. Children can enjoy sleeping on their sides. As such, they need adequate protection for their neck, head and spine just like any adult. However, the space between the mattress and the head of the child will be low.

As a result, larger pillows such as memory foam pads may be an issue for a child unlike an adult. Slimmer pillows are the better choice. Alternatively, adjustable pillows might also work.

Pregnant women need special support from their pillows as well. In their case, they need a lot of support in their stomach area.

A side sleeper pillow which is moldable but still firm will be the right choice for them. Another good option is shredded memory foam. This material provides the necessary support while still being flexible enough to adapt to the contours.

Easy Tips for Selecting a Side Sleeper Pillow

Here are a couple of tips that will make it really easy to find the right pillow for sleeping on the side with.

Test It

The best way to find out whether a pillow is suitable for you is by actually sleeping on it. It is not possible to know how good a pillow is simply by touching or looking at it.

Most stores will allow you to test out the pillows by giving you a money-back guarantee. As such, go ahead and test it before settling.

Choose Adjustable

Most pillows in the market cannot be adjusted. However, some do have zippers and pouches for adding and removing filling. This can be really invaluable down the line.

A careful consideration of the above factors can help you find the right side sleeper pillow. There are hundreds of such pillows in the market. With these tips, you can find the best one.

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