How to Choose A Comfortable Body Pillow For Side Sleepers

How to Choose A Comfortable Body Pillow For Side Sleepers

You might think that body pillows are only for pregnant women because they provide support to the growing tummy. But you can actually use one even when you’re not expecting. Body pillows come in different sizes, fillings, and designs. Choosing the best one is a subjective matter. Is the body pillow for side sleepers? Can it also be used by people who sleep on their back or stomach?

This article shows the different factors to consider when choosing a body pillow for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

Why use a body pillow for side sleepers?

It is common for side sleepers to experience neck pain. Therefore, doctors recommend body pillows to provide a good support to the front body and the back.

It prevents them from rolling back when they sleep and keeps the proper alignment of the spine during the night. For back sleepers, body pillows give support to both sides of the body. To know more about the general advantages of body pillows, here is a list:

Advantages of body pillows

Aside from the prevention of neck pain for side sleepers, there are more advantages of body pillows. Here are some of them:

  • Body pillows are long enough to give support in between the knees, and beneath the head and neck. They also provide support for the knees to prevent them from knocking against each other.
  • Body pillows can be used for different purposes. These include sitting, watching TV, and supporting lower back.
  • Body pillows keep you in place while sleeping. They prevent you from turning and tossing which usually makes the body feel uncomfortable and restless. Therefore, body pillows promote a good night sleep and a comfortable item that you can hug during sleep.
  • You can reap the benefits of hugging with body pillows. They can make you feel safe and happy. Holding on to something soft and cuddly relaxes your body and helps you get to sleep faster.
  • If you experience body pain because of poor posture, body pillows will help you improve the alignment of your body.
  • Body pillows evenly distribute body weight to improve muscular relaxation and enhance circulation of the blood.
  • Body pillows are best recommended during pregnancy to provide support to the back as well as the growing tummy. They help relieve pain, muscle soreness and stiffness while the body changes.
  • Body pillows are also great when nursing a baby. The C or U shaped pillow provides support for the arms when feeding the baby, or support and comfort for the baby when laid down on the bed.

Factors to consider when buying a body pillow

Body pillows vary depending on the filling, contour, size, and firmness. While there are many benefits of body pillows, it is important to consider the following factors so you will reap the benefits.

So, what are the factors for buying a body pillow?


Pillows are made of different fillings – feather, memory foam, water, fiber, and fabric. Fillings made of organic materials are more recommended, especially for body pillows for pregnant women; however, organic materials are more expensive than the traditional fillings. Know more about the kinds of fillings that will provide support for your sleeping position.


Before buying a body pillow, it is important to know the best brands for manufacturing comfortable pillows that guarantee support and quality. Examples of good brands for pillows are the Travel Head Pillow, Splintek, and Avana.


The usual size of body pillows is 54 inches by 20 inches. Know the size of your body so you will know the right size of the body pillow that will be best for you. It is useless to use a body pillow that is too small or too large for your body size.


Some body pillows only provide support on one side, leaving the other size unsupported. It is often better to use a body pillow that has equal length on both sides so that it will support both sides of the body.


You don’t have to buy expensive body pillows to guarantee quality, support, and comfort. There are many body pillows that cost an average amount but provide quality and comfort the same as expensive ones.

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