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How to use TempurPedic side pillow?

How to use TempurPedic side pillow

TempurPedic side pillows are designed to support the head, shoulders and neck. They come added with the benefits of a cooling gel at the top. It is meant to offer a firm support to the neck along with a softer center for cradling your head. With both low and high profiles, these are made to […]

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How to Sleep On Your Side?

How to Sleep On Your Side

Most people are conscious about their health and fitness. They look after their body by exercising and following a diet. But the aspect related to health that goes unnoticed most often is proper sleep. Sleep deprivation is one of the most chronic problems that the world is faced with today. It may be caused due […]

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How to sleep on a pillow?

How to sleep on a pillow

Sleep is one of the most important functions performed by the body. It is the body’s natural way of shutting down all external agencies and allowing the human anatomy to rest while the internal involuntary organs continue to function. It plays a major role in our lives with regard to health and contributes to the […]

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Side vs. Back Sleeping pillow

Side vs Back Sleeping pillow

Sleep is essential for anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life, whether it is an 8 hours or 10 hours of slumber. Your sleeping habits should have an adequate number of hours as it is the period when the body and brain rejuvenates itself. A pillow is the support we use under […]

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What Kind of Pillow for Side and Stomach Sleepers?

What Kind of Pillow for Side and Stomach Sleepers

 Sleeping soundly for 8 hours at night is an absolute must for each and every individual. While sleeping, it is very crucial that your head, neck, shoulders, and backbone stay in perfect alignment so that you get up in the morning feeling thoroughly refreshed without any pain or strain. An ordinary or standard pillow in […]

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Soft Pillows for Side Sleeping

Soft Pillows for Side Sleeping

All animals big or small have a system on their body that lets them pass into a state of rest called sleep. In this state, all voluntary muscles are rendered inactive. Humans regularly need 8 to 9 hours of sleep, which is essential to their survival. The exact purpose of sleep is not known till […]

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